Eclectic Motorworks Restoration of a ‘54 MG-TF 1250 – BRG

On September 23, 1976, while working in Australia, I went to Ron Ward Pty. Ltd., a dealer in Sydney, to buy a nicely restored, 1954 MG-TF 1250 right-hand drive roadster with 68,810 miles on the odometer. As I write this on April 24th, 2016, it's nearly 40 years and 52,945 miles later and there are 21,755 miles on the odometer.

The car has performed splendidly. I mostly drive it with the top and windshield down and the Brookland screens up. I have maintained the car so everything was always in perfect working order and have kept a record of all repairs and restorations. I love driving the car and went ahead with whatever repair or parts it needed. It was never in a shop a moment longer than necessary. I did many repairs myself.

Every repair and restoration since I bought it 1976 has been done with original specification parts, even the body nuts and bolts. Over the years the repairs and two major restorations have restored the car to original specs, except for the two Brookland wind screens, seat belts, luggage rack and Pertronix Ignitor electronic ignition. I've kept the original spec Lucas distributor for a simple switch.

In the spring of 1977, I had the car shipped to Toronto. DRB Motors, Inc., restorers of British collector cars, took care of the car during our Toronto years, from 1977 to 1990. In 1982, while in Toronto, the camshaft broke and that became a good reason to rebuild the engine at a cost of $7,595.58. When that work was done, we took the car to Reg Beer, Coachbuilder and Antique Car Restoration. He took the body apart, stripped all the panels to bare metal and painted them at a cost of $10,482.68. Next J. Kokal, a coachman, restored the seats with new leather, replaced the carpeting and installed a new top and tonneau cover for $1,487.12.

In 1990 we moved to San Rafael, California and for the next 10 years drove the car through Marin County back roads.

We moved to Holland, Michigan in 2000 and have been driving the car only during summer months. In 2012 a superficial gasoline fire in the engine compartment was the occasion for the third complete body, trim, carpeting and wiring restoration and the replacement of all mechanical components affected by the fire. The restoration took a year at a cost of over $21,000.

The restoration was done by Carl Heideman and Alan Dalman of Eclectic Motorworks, 445 West 22nd Street, Holland, MI 49423. They did a magnificent job. Mileage was 20,883 on completion. See

I have driven 872 miles since the last restoration. The car is in excellent condition and a joy to drive. I have posted photos taken in the last two weeks of April. I can take any particular additional shots an interested buyer may want.

I am down-sizing and selling many of my toys in preparation for a move to a smaller home. The car, side curtains, repair manuals, all my repair & restoration records, car cover and an accumulation of spare parts, wheels and MG tools, for sale at $32,500.

Peter C. Hart, 4072 Fiddlers Way, Holland, MI 49423 (616) 335-0123

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